12 March 2013

Sports Bets

The terms used suggest our professional sportsmen
absorb, ingest or inject a plethora of ‘drugs’ banned
by good offices of whomever controls the sport they
engage in; in fact there’s little to attest the claim is
but a reflection of what a few fellows do with blame
laid where we all view sport tainted as a whole – an
unnecessarily over-inflated case perhaps but one to
beware in an atmosphere of derisive grandstanding

When Joe Hockey jibbers you let evidence pass the
usual test – what will he make out of it – given his
incentive to bet, and wisely wave it away; Joe’s not
into Organised Crime by affiliation, but don’t wager
its not on the ‘worthy diversion’ agenda. There’s an
age yet to discern what this ambit is really about

My guess its more to do with Sports Betting – the
industry lurking in every iphone
as implied by their 
glory ads & the confirmed death of a fair go on the
playing field; to suggest teams throw games to get
better wages mightn’t be too surreal, it’d be easier
than evading their surly on-turf dope-testing deals
© 8 February 2013, I. D. Carswell