18 March 2013

Recycled Gaps


Hey, they’re at it again, both sides of Parliament,
hammer and tongs on Radio – interpreting the ill-
defined bits of each other’s ‘policies’. Quite oddly
real expertise seems only ensconced in the views
espoused by The Opposition, but they all have to
prove they’re worth persisting with I suppose, so
a retirement sinecure for meagre representation
is justified by irrelevant but passionate debate

The bit that strikes base most is they can dissect
and redefine anything proposed by each other as
utter garbage, but not in deference of our Nation?
The huge vacuum consumes credibility gaps we’d
be hard pressed to fill even if we could recycle all
the crap vehemently expressed in self-defence
© 13 February 2013, I. D. Carswell