17 March 2013

Loquacious Silence

they’re blurred memories yet part
of a kaleidoscope we lived in – and
comfortably it seemed, more of an
empathetic crush of movement-in-
common than personal passion

and there were bizarre scenes; in
the clearheaded moments with
10/10 hindsight we could wonder
why – but never bothered to try
and ring the changes due, not

then anyway – it didn’t matter
when you belonged, accepted by
an exclusive fraternity; all passed or
failed social annotation together,
we were students in unity

but the day it dissolved came in
a week of heady celebration, there
were magic moments shared, a
few recriminations it had to end
yet it was then the journey began

and today we’re no more or less
whatever we were, keenly aware
how differently the break affected
each – knowing there is no going
back to its loquacious silence
© 12 February 2013, I. D. Carswell