23 March 2013

Truth A Rube



Does it have to be an Odyssey to seek a
sovereign source of News; to even know
they do exist explains a bit about your
character you’d think, like where to look
contains the clues to shrink dependent
credibility – & when you see how Media
defines what is and isn’t newsworthy or
better still will sell more copies, then

You’re free; & wake to find you’re on a
plain of deeds with features ordinaire to
match a drab couture so regular, or is it
just because a dearth of well rehearsed
and flashy images do not detract from
seeing light as true to source

& of course a difference in the urgency,
it may seem dull but that belies a time
or place or atmosphere created by the
Lore that News displaces real events in
actuality – and who, you ask, defined it
as the whole, complete & utter truth

Forsooth, a game of advertising wares
retailed as World Events, how dare you
question our integrity you menace to a
stable view; its types like you who tilt a
balanced sense offset in profits earned
with truth a rube of circumstance
© 21 February 2013, I. D. Carswell