14 April 2013

2 Minute Noodles



two minute noodles, except you have to
boil for three, that’s the easy bit; adding
at least three of four piquant sauces and
sachets of granulated flavour to serving
bowls empty as yet while waiting for the
boil to complete, cheat with lemongrass
chopped finely, strewn into noodles on
the boil for a savour of Singapore

there’s distinct chilliness – in flavour not
ambience, and the taste intrigues; that’s
where conversation ceases and slurping
noodle spoonfuls displays gustatory élan
adroitly, except for sipping a cup of ‘tea’
made from the boil water with panache
© 15 March 2013, I. D. Carswell