15 April 2013

First Aid



Don’t do ‘First Aid’ anymore – used to back
in days when odd things happened. Maybe
paraphernalia of old age holds the sense to
know when enough’s enough and you back
off to orient another way; or is that to say
do something within your capability or else
wear well known consequences, all capped
by knowledge it shouldn’t matter a toss

And it is not lost that there is never ONLY
one way to do anything – as doing nothing
proves repeatedly, events ranging free in a
kaleidoscope of detached opportunity only
need your focussed concern to off-track or
run amok while you watch amazed

The catch is being unfazed or ambivalent,
it’d happen despite your being aware, and
that message First Aid suggests; knowing
what to avoid by seeing triage a narrative
of corollary, ill-considered acts will break
bones just by sharing their space
© 16 March 2013, I. D. Carswell