25 April 2013

Make The Sense Stand


Whether there is or isn’t a God (or god) can’t 
influence what is common sense when making
policy plans; equity can exist sans percentage
ambits but without qualifications employment
arguments fail to meet the first rule which states
‘the job sets the criteria, not the selection panel’

Servants of the System are not free of collective
guilt either – their silence might explain where
their dilemma places them yet they accept their
pay as if it is of no consequence being betwixt,
between or betrayed by the same set of rules
they’ve decreed will be the State’s saving grace

Being ‘politically correct’ in those circumstances
grates coarser than casual sensitivities – the farce
becomes more of an ad infinitum address on the
preservation of presumptive manners and it faces
inevitable consequences of where those inanities
invariably will and always do mendaciously lead

The leadership has lead, lost its way and buried its
head in the sand of an unimaginable glory radiating
from history; it is dead & buried now – too far gone
to save from the past that passed it up, regurgitated
and rejected as the unsavoury revolutionary tenets
of a impasse awaiting the peoples’ judgement

And it is The People who will make the sense stand
– not jackass politicians
© 30 March 2013, I. D. Carswell