26 April 2013

Find A Trend



I suppose if you had to find a trend
there would be mandatory hums &
haws consequentially camouflaged
as ends one must contemplate – a
bit farcical as no-one really sees a
thing whatever in the connection;
but be that as it may you’ve to be
noted playing the right moves

So when we say – ‘no-one’s in the
slightest bit interested, you don’t
have to play a role of being eager,
visibly caring or keen to make the
right impression – just clear your
throat enthusiastically’; so

You didn’t need to glower as if we
had belittled you; you actually did
it all on your own with subterfuge
too barefaced for Oscar winning
accolades and a naïve disinterest
exposing who you really are
© 1 April 2013, I. D. Carswell