04 April 2013




In its own way not knowing helps occupy
inconvenient space; this vacuum created
by change brings unease of a kind not to
be excused as temporary aberration, it is
organised with concealed bases. Being at
odds to see articulate reason means
knowing is less strident away beyond an
astute thinking you should understand

You’d try for sure, the ego isn’t disabled,
you’ve never dodged intellectual trysts
unless clearly a farce; this one is close,
you’d ask why if commonsense and the
occasion didn’t imply they never gave a
principled damn in the first place

So we sail on into the breeze hoping a
wind change blows reason, not that its
in season for such expectation, nor do
Public Service Pharisees advocate the
guarantee of compensation for errors
occasioned thru purest megalomania
© 6 March 2013, I. D. Carswell