03 April 2013

Profits Promise



No hurrahs, a simpered whimper verged
with tempered rage was heard but never
listened to, and thus a few who’d known
the risk presumed the worst, all the rest
despaired they’d ever find their savings
safe, or age invested benefits repaid – it
was impasse, an ace of spades removed
catastrophe they’d walked into

A company in receivership that paid the
crooks who’d run it dry, whose patrons
cried they’d lost the lot & no-one gave a
chary thought they’re pensioners whose
choice is gone, they lost; if seeking who
to blame and right this heinous wrong

You’d need a law degree, broker’s ken &
friends in higher places than the herd of
well connected swine whose thing this is
commercially, they can’t lose when what
they venture isn’t theirs, a gamble they
extend as ‘profits promise’ shared
© 5 March 2013, I. D. Carswell