02 April 2013

Threescore & Ten



It is a toothless turn of phrase, an immaculate
misuse of language to say ‘how’s life now that
you’re 70?’ And flippancy implied in an erudite
reply “nothing’s changed” won’t stretch truth,
at least in the sense it is an unamusing query
hinting something’s different as you reached
threescore and ten; all those condolences are
misplaced or wasted – and you’ve just begun

And it is going to get better when all that fuss
winks to a whimper; now the game is simple
as recollecting laughter comes from a fall with
grace, reminiscences never replace your good
manners and knowing the differences keeps a
fire alight in a hearth others would lie for
© 2 March 2013, I. D. Carswell

For Ray, congratulations!