17 May 2013

An Awe-Filled Age (rev)


An awe-filled age, not to be misinterpreted in
arthritic clich├ęs or sagging epithets, it was the
era of endeavour, and there, in centre stage,
mid scene, the most stunning sister you’d
have ever seen.

She was radiant, not just beautiful – that is
wind compared with Etna’s expressions of
grandeur, an exception and a rare proclivity.

To think she was just one of us, an ordinary
soul who cared, and still delights, dared to
break a mould, yet shared her triumph –
spread and aired her faerie wings in flight.

Had she aspired to dizzy heights she could
have flown the coup of sedentary vision,
but it was decision time, she knew collisions
of the course she flew would reeve her heart
but she was smart and good enough to
guarantee her soul was always true.

And where she flew was there into the
learning children’s hearts. A teacher born
and true who made the classroom view as
one that still delights
© I.D. Carswell