06 June 2013




You have to choose she says, you can’t slide off down
that nebulous route called evolution a ways whenever
the matrix closes in; supposedly they are baiting local
dingoes, inescapable events – but we all know there’s
more’n a few ‘gone-feral’ local pooches chewing 1080
too. I’m not wide-eyed in wonderment, my defence is
we’re baiting the wrong miscreants. So dingoes are a
well-worn excuse, but what if we start top of the tree

To discover who’s really the enemy; if natural order’s
satisfied only by 30 hour agonised demise perhaps an
alternate target is how suffering is mandated, and by
whom – aha, so there they be! Too simple though & I
know you won’t agree we should legally poison all the
administrators too, tho’ it may well keep the peace
© 22 May 2013, I. D. Carswell

1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate)

In Australia there is a tradition of dingo baiting – not
because it is always necessary but because it satisfies
a minority to whom any semblance of maintenance
of control is more critical than eco-management. In
many cases dingoes are not the culprits as much as
uncontrolled canine pets and/or feral crossbred dogs