05 June 2013

Slip’s Showing



Pardon me, but your slip’s showing – or is it
just Election Year. And where have we heard
dialectic doggerel semantically expressed in
earnestness better than on the hustings out
West; we won’t get it in the ‘burbs – veils of
eclectic deference prevail wherever erudite
listeners can dodge minders, pin a slavering
faux pas onto tails of garrulous wannabes

And it hasn’t seemed to have sunken in to
crocodile-skinned opposition or incumbents
who’re at sea denying wanker ideas of being
popular in sports crowd unity shouldn’t be
confused with electioneering – well, woo
, it may be so – and it will be live TV
© 16 May 2013, I. D. Carswell