28 June 2013

An Easier Swallow

Saying Australia is relieved may be going too
far, but events played out yesterday by Julia
and Kevin, and sycophants relevant to their
chaotic spill event are a swallow much easier
today; so Kev’s PM again – with a chance to
pre-empt what seemed detailed Labor Party
beatings lurking in Polls, to be conducted, or
‘politically engineered’, come September

That it neatly preceded an anxiously awaited
time slot, State of Origin #2, wasn’t lost – in
the event NSW died & we rejoiced – after all
Kevvie’s a Queenslander and our interests at
heart imply a Nation better run than the dour
lot proposed by egoistic Abbott’s bandidos
© 27 June 2013, I. D. Carswell