27 June 2013

Scared To Lose



Tonight is State Of Origin #2 but sadly I won’t
be making my way to Suncorp Stadium with a
view to witness the Beast – NSW Captain Paul
Gallen, receive his justified come-uppance; it’s
trite thinking anyway, his exposure as a pugilist
of no repute asks why Queenslanders should
give a jolly damn. We’ll best focus energy on
scoring points enough to comfortably win

Have to say Paul Gallen’s hysteria engendered
‘team-fervour’ drivel sincerely isn’t sending The
Maroons dire messages NSW’s on a war footing.
Err, gee whiz, are they serious? Wonder if they
think we’re intimidated by all that spittle – or is
it they’re still the ones too scared to lose?
©26 June 2013, I. D. Carswell

For the record Queensland won 26 – 6. There was an incident in which
four players, two from each team, were sinbinned for participating in a
melee. In hindsight on-field referees and the video referee were way off
target in the ruling. But it would have seemed the easier way out of an
impasse where NSW would have been at least one player down…