01 June 2013

Arcade Of Empathy

It is the same as saying you’re lodged between 
an unending void and apparition of vacuity – it 
suggests you know where your space ends yet 
the rest is nowhere. Seeing nothing to connect 
with except maybes makes vague expressions 
less a sense of community elect and of an idea 
never articulated; it is a similar lingua you had 
grown into but never used to any effect 

That there is nobody to talk to out there clears 
the air – you’re not failing but an uneasy sense 
of déjà vu wrestles with where you expect this 
referenced commodity to appear; their words 
imagined are sounds ringing in your ears – an 
arcade of empathy too hot to handle 
© 11 May 2013, I. D. Carswell