02 June 2013




You know the cost; well in a manner of speaking you
have a handle on whatever it is, if that is what isn’t a
merger of dross and crap. So in being whom you are
you’re not in a recycled least-sense-analogy anything
more than a pile of stale anecdotes – which sadly are
you regardless which identity you claim to have been.
And the cost of starting over is gross, a huge outlay if
you end up as the wimpiest drip imaginary

That’s the real rate; making the change suggests you
couldn’t hack the pace in the first place – or better, is
it fairer to digress with an axiom “to change is better
than arrest” which could have been the case had you
stayed the same old way blessed with dull ignorance
and an impenetrable sense of your own inviolability
© 12 May 2013, I. D. Carswell