21 June 2013

Being In



As far as always went there was never
a need to puzzle where – like an order
established non-invasively – or obeyed
without debate, things were there, just
where they seemed easier to find, like

It was a long-standing legacy; realised
it may’ve been one of mine from Army
years, lessons with sense of presence
or a pretence of order & permanence,
perhaps so as if it was meant to be

And yet there’s character in this unruly
dissembly which since is, anarchy pays
no heed to precedence – wears what it
snatches from the jaws of opportunity,
discards what is left on the floor

Finding myself there, less a victim and
more unwitting addict means for being
flatter legitimacy than an idea it might
have meaning – and
who bloody cares
when you
enjoy being in
© 28 May 2013, I. D. Carswell