22 June 2013

Enough Of An Excuse



Complaining ‘rain was enough of an excuse’ won’t
warm with me; sure, the sum of the nuisance has
to be squared by its inversion, which we won’t do
as its too gloomy. Tomorrow’s okay if it ceases &
the moisture flees, there’s even forecaster’s hints
to it, but from the same source usually getting it
wrong anyway, so we’ll wait and see. That’s not
the same as coining new definitions to survive

I am told rain doesn’t innovate of itself, we must
arraign ourselves in the hours we see slipping by
in banded clouds where sunlight-glistening drizzle
is currency, a form of exchange, if we knew how
to claim it and not permit corrosive invasions of
hideous and unsustainable excise pestilence
© 29 May 2013, I. D. Carswell