09 June 2013

Croissants Too



A breakfast to make sense not to deny bourgeoisie
of making this Friday’s morning gustatory occasion;
nothing too spectacular as you see, omelette with a
smidgin of bacon, the obligatory Maasdam cheese –
all this so tenderly pan-warmed, espresso coffee set
aside; OK, you won’t see the process here in 3D or
share the banter that gave it rise but there’s sheer
pleasure implied in each and every delectable bite

And thus it’s a taste of life – nothing too complex, a
leisurely paced bit of ordinary mixed with familiar &
nothing from too far away for guessing games what
subtle flavour it might also be likened to, all wants
true to a palate, no pretence on whose intimation –
oh, we didn’t mention there were croissants too ...
© 17 May 2013, I. D. Carswell