08 June 2013

I’m No Thug


An ‘I’m No Thug’ disavowal by NSW Rugby League
enforcer Paul Gallen places his ancestry in doubt;
what he threw punches about was not in dispute
either – merely continuation of his ancestral mien
where brains disadvantage and fists speak louder.
Whether to excuse his brawling proudly as just an
element of a ‘fists-flashing, man’s game’ depends
on which ‘bring back the biff’ moron you listen to

And praising his behaviour leaves no doubt who’s
accountable; & there’s no saving grace for League
should it’s Judiciary lean away – but Laurie Daley
couldn’t see anything wrong, suggesting he needs
counselling as well as spectacles – but hey, really,
it’s just a kids game to expend surplus energy
© 6 June 2013, I. D. Carswell

2013 State Of Origin I result:
NSW 14 – Qld 6