18 June 2013

Today (rev)



The manic fires flared again today, very
much the same irrational urges blazing
from an open grate, urgent fervours that
belittle – berating ardour which depicts
a gross mistake and derisively debates
hereditary intelligence.

While surely lacking relevance, it has a
bit of je ne sais quoi ‘contemporaneous
penchant’, a droll predictability which,
connected to darkly murky mutterings,
bursts of unvoiced but extreme obstinacy,
compromised a plane where rational
discourse could be resigned.

Well, we survived this darker day although
I’d say my version is the only view, one
could claim ‘distorted’ too because in truth
only I recorded it. The tiles are laid, the tiles
were never but, the problem is a dearth of
wine and equanimity.

The day TODAY was just another one of
happenstance, of tiles and missing tools
and bloody providence – tomorrow has
a legacy avoiding a void of misanthropy.
© I.D. Carswell, 1994