17 June 2013

No Guilt



Whether a good companion or an arrant 
and self-serving mass of feyly agreeable
behaviour, one can’t let this one get out
of the bag; that he is a dog by definition
prone on his own terms to wandering is
apparent to only a few – he would sleep
all day in preference to foraging where,
given food incentives, he’d play fool

But this absence’s too easily explained
a quest for more captivating company –
there’s nothing sinister in it, he’ll stay for
tea if the treat’s offered agreeably – but
won’t see himself returning lest we make
an overt effort to woo him back

So we’re astonished when a little white
bundle of JRT slyly wanders into what
he considers his exclusive domain – is
fey enough to roll on his back saying
hey, it’s me, I am so glad to see you –
without a hint of guilt displayed...
© 25 May 2013, I. D. Carswell