05 July 2013



Difficult to describe what came naturally – a sense of
overwhelming intimacy too deep to avoid increasing
proximity’s inevitable consequences of body-heat; the
long-standing poise of sang-froid years dissipating, an
embrace-erasing dignity disappearing into a vastness
of interpersonal space – banishing ideas of identity –
aware of contiguity blending back into a billion years
unsaid history of where and whence we came

Amazing you think, relaxing into the timeless niche of
time melded into the arms wound around your being –
amazing, I cannot see where I begin or end or who is
we if we’re here instead of you and I erased into this
new entity joined seamlessly in a somewhere meant
to be anthology of purest perceivable benevolence
© 17 June 2013, I. D. Carswell