04 July 2013

Hardly A Flood



Although it hasn’t been forty days and
nights I’ll frivolously say it had ceased
raining Thursday morning; sun almost
shone, apologetically albeit but not for
long yet its rays promised an overdue
change in attitude. One mower saw it
positively while its companion cussed
and refused to start, as is its mien

The rain gauge contained 180mm of it,
good, clean precipitation, but hardly a
flood, guessing around seven inches in
five days way out of season; well, we’ll
have to live with it despite a yen for
clear skies again after the wet

Eying westward gathering clouds we
collect clothes ruefully all but dried in
sun’s largesse, mow the wee patches
concealed under last week’s pruning
piles relocated now to a rubbish fire
and bless our good luck gladly
© 13 June 2013, I. D. Carswell