01 July 2013

Gonski Review



Gonski may have got it rather wrong – perhaps
education is the least negotiable asset; claiming
it will aid a future blessed by squabbling pollies
is a dim view already articulated in States who
dither with intransigence. Suggesting he’s put a
too clean finger on what’s bigger than minnows
can handle launches the debate – September is
a Federal election date and there’s a war on

Procrastination tortures an end of July deadline,
there’s little manoeuvre room, yet they play at
schoolyard games like a murder of feral crows
practising homespun anarchy; we’re all for the
best ask we can get our kids so duplicity like
this rank one-upmanship is a fraudulent farce
© 11 June 2013, I. D. Carswell