29 July 2013

Tacit Signs



Doesn’t seem to be an in-between – all the roads
you see are blessed with signage which suggests
your needs aren’t satisfied – or yet to be advised;
it means you’re somewhat less ideal than bred of
magazines where patronising views were scarcely
new, or so you hoped, then affirmation
proved it
was reality. You’re ‘Mr Average’ – sans the polish
they applied so liberally to sell their gaudy wares

Belief persists that you exist because they make
it so; there’s no escaping you’re an allegory who
is statistically the very things they say of you, or
may have been without that beard you grew, an
affectation proving you’d had choices plundered
as you blundered blind on roads with tacit signs
© 26 July 2013, I. D. Carswell