30 July 2013

The Occasion



Interesting situation – like a theatrical exchange of banter
apropos nothing essentially yet staged with the finesse of
essential discourse critical to an in-theatre plot, uncurious
as I am, not that I’ll be ignoring it, if it’s what I’d bet it is
then I’m lost; perhaps I’m too appraised of how dramatic
plots incredibly meander into crucial drop-points as if by
chance, meaning there’s intrigue here which it’s better to
be aware of than believing in divinity of happenstance

Friends I say, I’m wearing my hearing aids, you’d best be
cautious with the way this conspiracy to ‘fleece’ me pans
an epidemic of counter-plots tainted with unsubtle and/or
painful innuendo; a brut of shocked melodramatic silence
replays insinuation, rewinds & engages like corks popped
from tops of wine bottles chilled well for the occasion
© 23 July 2013, I. D. Carswell