29 August 2013

Evenly Keen



Has been a bit of a race – a 4:40 am start
tends to a seductive but anaesthetic pace,
one such before you know it the clarion of
midmorning rings and sedate ideas about
achievement twist out of shape; there’s
not much time spare in any case, after a
succession of customary chores you had
made it to the desk to write

And there a dilemma begins – words thin
like blood on a Monday, spitefully one may
confide just as inspiration waxes & wanes
seeking attention spans less a drudge to
escape into aspirin, cursing time’s crucial
but it, too, won’t break this crusty ice

Recognising an impasse & its deceit says
tell tales of success, break its back where
it can’t see you coming; & we’re running
away & having fun doing it, so we’ll be on
time for the appointment today – shaved,
shampooed and evenly keen
© 31 July 2013, I.D. Carswell