28 August 2013

Pre-Election Currency

  clip_image001 Must’ve been a bit of ‘blitheriness’ in old
mate Kev announcing plans to investigate
relocating Garden Island Naval assets

Eleven days out from an election it looks
so naïve giving Opposition opportunities

to blather and dither on addled priorities

You can argue it’s a strategy that’s been
years in the making – 200 plus if you’ve
an historical bent, but then who cares as

Premier of NSW you are obliged to view it
a crook deal anyway, as predictably does
‘Gollum’, Premier of Queensland, not that

He’d have a clue on strategy – he was an
Army Engineer – yet he’ll cross whatever
demarcation line appears to support LNP

So maybe that’s the strategy. Kev’s a wise
man when it comes to subterfuge, but will
being a clever dude enhance his chances

Placing the Navy where it can efficiently
do its job suggests they may have been
somewhat lax by still hiding in Sydney

Perhaps so; but Qld, NT & WA are closer
to where real shit hits the fan – so when
State premiers play patsy you know

Kev’s au fait with this kind of duplicity &
can make them seen as they are, but will
it pay dividends on Saturday, Sep 7

Come what may we’d surely be better off
if they’d all come clean – we’d flounder in
dirt they’ve thrown regardless

But it wouldn’t stick like the deceitful lies
these guys negotiate and spend like an
authorised pre-election currency
© 28 August 2013, I. D. Carswell