01 August 2013

Exotic Plans



We know it doesn’t take that amount of time
to make a moments decision – but an interim
raised stakes way beyond means of breaking
even, and not being gamblers deemed it ‘
contest’ well before we began casting lots; a
not too hard to resolve situation forsaking all
protocols about pocketing chances in lieu of
what may still prove a major saving grace

So we made the choice late – we’ll barbeque
a few rib fillets, chew on rissoles which have
surprised us before; it isn’t the end of it yet,
recrimination will be more along the lines of
why we didn’t think it through when the first
signs of flagging enthusiasm ensued, but too

Little too late I’ll contend; it wasn’t too hard
to rationalise who’d be offended, or relieved,
with me the major beneficiary – hey, it’s not
as if I planned it, I’m way too subtle for that,
tho a few beers and a barbeque make exotic
plans for dinner out anywhere
© 26 July 2013, I. D. Carswell