31 July 2013

Sleep Therapy



Describing this affliction as an aberration only
makes sense against all other things being in a
state of utter anarchy; it’s being sleepy still on
awakening after a night’s repose – not singular
occasions, constantly, and hard to explain why
the effect grows. An explanation may be as far
removed as belief sleep causes predilection for
4am wake-ups because you’d acclaimed it so

Yet 9:15am & here I am yawning as if I’d been
grievously sleep deprived, which isn’t true, was
abed well before you & into dynamic dreams of
an in-occupational-therapy Hero who vaguely
plays herculean games; yes, it may help clarify
why fatigue seems to be acculturated stress
© 24 July 2013, I. D. Carswell