22 August 2013

Political Debate



So was it a slug-fest or a precisely
staged tap dance through those
boring political manifests these
guys wear like a cloak of reeds

An audience of ‘undecided’ voters
provided a series of well-phrased
queries for loquacious staging of
what purported to be explanations

Instead we got drooling leers from
The Bott and circumlocution about
opposition policy costs from a
rampant, rambunctious Rudd –

Did it occur to you we’re viewing
in the raw what we need to choose
between as our next Representative
Leader? Gee, what a grim choice

Are these deranged blots seriously
all there is available to be our best
Ambassadors – or are we simply
seeing what the Media wants?

Well, the debate was on Sky TV, and
this morning’s radio reports are a
shambles of replays containing The
Bott’s angry ‘shut up’ to Rudd

Seems to me we’re seeing a replay
of everything we’ve been too well
aware of for years – a smorgasbord
of re-heated, out-dated rubbish

Oh, welcome to the new age – !
© 22 August 2013, I. D. Carswell