24 August 2013

Waiting For Silence



Most of the in-between years we’re freed
ludicrous factional commentary – we can
be good citizens caring for each other as
colleagues and contemporaries; but here
in seizures of electioneering impossibility
of agreeing bares teeth on anything that
doesn’t dress in factional colours, and as
obligatory, non-discretionary rally calls

It palls easily, being seen a fan of tritely
convulsive political paroxysms isn’t what
being a citizen means; we would do best
observing inconsiderate behaviour of the
would-be Leaders and saying no way, it
isn’t, per se, a governance concern

All the shouting needs to lessen; when a
few words well chosen say all necessary
things decently there’s no call for showy
protestation – if so we’d to need ban TV
team game analogies claiming you’re a
good citizen by gainfully joining in

What utter crap – you gain no meaning
of life being defined a panel member of
political cliques, except perhaps for the
few weeks we must conscionably listen
to all arrant and unbridled drivel they’re
allowed to speak up until election day
© 24 August 2013, I. D. Carswell