23 September 2013

A Doozy Snoot

It was a cobbled blot of crapulous snot, 
hardly th’ lot you’d expect from what is 
to say the least an ambiguously ‘public’ 
nasal source; I’m joking of course - that 
is a prize snout he sports, a doozy, and 
I expect ‘His Lordship’ approves it an 
overt symbol of his clear superiority, 
alongside his bugger-lugs ears - okay! 

So this nose won’t go away for at least 
3 years because its a nose ‘everybody’ 
knows surely - whether drip be-snotted 
or not & goes with ears and smirk, and 
that ludicrous lopsided lear you’ll just 
have to get used to 

I have a feeling he’ll learn the smarmy 
way he ponces about and poses semi-
nude in swimming togs won’t earn him 
the respect he’ll believe PM’s deserve; 
a huge learning curve Anthony John - 
but you’ve a nose built for the game
© 7 September 2013, I. D. Carswell