24 September 2013

Faye Elisabeth

So its the 74th this birthday, that’s a mensural fact, 
like do your sums properly and the evidence is too 
relevant, but I can go back to that time and space 
where the last thing you were was ever an age; its 
etched in my memory - assured you were wiser by 
far than your chronology implied; was I an envious 
sibling, obviously but a clever enough chap to find 
strings of your apron and tie myself to the fact 

It came as no surprise you were right in choice of 
pedagogy as a career - then motherhood, raising 
two fine babies who indelibly represent an advent 
for future years; they are, as are their children the 
meaning of whom you are - and your partner Ted 
remains stalwart, tamed to your ageless ageing 

Happy Birthday Faye Elisabeth! 
© 23 September 2013, I. D. Carswell