11 September 2013

Er, Yeah, Gidday

Well, bugger me I say, this is a bloody breeze, 
well a piece of piss anyway - ‘peace’ would’ve 
applied alright I believe in th' same space tho' 
not that I’m a Peacenik sort of dude, more an 
uncommitted, prudish swine with pretensions 

Better not mention it to the Gang who’ll agree 
to my being a pumped-up prickish ponce who 
sometimes delights, mostly bores ‘em shitless 
and skites about how bloody good he is at the 
simplest things we all do efficiently 

Yet here I am on day one, hour two writing an 
epistle on how I’ve managed to master iMac - 
ah, not exactly ‘master’ in truth but get an opt 
on what will pass as a fair shot at poetry - and 
I’ve been awake since 3:40 am 

So bloody Tony Abbott is now PM - geeze, ud 
have to be a big, raw swallow to see him as a 
diplomatic sort of chap who’ll represent all’ve 
us without his bugger-lugs twisting doofishly - 
or that sneer shrieking maudlin disdain 

Ah, well, I’m not to blame for his election! Or 
for that matter, ashamed I don’t like the prick 
whom I’m told married a New Zealander from 
Wainuiomata - there’s no need to barf chaps, 
it’s true - crikey, ain’t that a bloody laugh 
© 8 September 2013, I. D. Carswell