10 September 2013

Oblique Obligations

So the first thing I try's to write a new document
I find it is as easy as always - and not a bind on 
that fragile self-image where I'm held in thrall to 
whomever I thought I was; there in an instant a 
vision appraises me as I am - I see this version 
isn't given over to self-delusion, unusual for me, 
and I agree it does disconcert to be so damned 
complacent about it without being overly fazed 

But it is the way it was always going to be, now 
I must get used to this new sense of proportion 
without becoming addicted - it won't be all that 
easy to not be wooed disdainfully, so I must be 
a Devil's advocate if I'm to survive a regime too 
amazing be other than obliquely obvious 
© 8 September 2013, I. D. Carswell

Day 1 of iMac and Macbook Air ownership.