17 September 2013

Good Intent

A laugh you’d say – comedy on the run 
from instantaneous bravado waves; its 
cause, fitting a car seat for Georgia and 
clear disarray in the vehicle she’s to be 
chauffeured in. Would clearing all that 
rubbish make it easier you ask, hinting 
this would be a good time to vacuum – 
no sarcasm crudely implied, or meant 

But then this is a good intention event 
without rancour or outdated ceremony 
so it went off rather well; that’s to say 
leaving on time for the Airport trip and 
barring traffic congestion will be okay; 
meantime we’ll clean up its aftermath 

Leisurely you wonder if good intent is 
an adversary to rational management; 
today’s purpose is to meet Georgia at 
least organised with joyful face she’d 
clearly recognise as Grandma’s best – 
so we’ll be advised and dutifully wait 

Thus, while much later than you like 
to have begun today’s tasks, you’ve 
survived – good intentions do have a 
cost you agree, yet with dividends in 
excess of discomfort derived from 
wee bit of overdue maintenance 
© 30 August 2013, I. D. Carswell 

Georgia, Cathy and Shaun arrive today 
precipitating a bit of overdue car care