16 September 2013

Too Late To Regret

Too Late To Regret

Frustrating – maybe, but predictable; 
they are their own products and from 
a contumacious age of thinking, or so 
they say as if apparently listening 

Yet they hear only their own rhetoric 
 – others’ failings are claims made to 
counterpoint their success – although 
rusting and decayed & decades apart 

Argument for a unique way to woo an 
entirely new awareness is too fey for 
a true blue traditionalist – struggling 
the last mile still far short of breath 

They’ll return to the past, God forbid, 
because leastways they starred there 
in their own thinking – and with new 
accountants to write the right rites 

And we’re expected to be enervated – 
if we’re not we’re apathetic; too true, 
being sick of one-sided views of who 
should or shouldn’t be debilitates 

But the way they place everything in 
value-systems they generate sickens 
even the most robust; cripes, you’re 
supposed to be our representatives 

So how do you politely say listen up, 
we’re not interested in hearing more 
of how great you are, stop the farce 
or it will be too late to regret 
© 20 August 2013, I. D. Carswell