09 September 2013

Jumping Ship


The idea I’d be freed of derelictions you learn to
expect by choosing low-end technical specs in
a new PC came home to haunt me – top of the
range gear usually frees one from a need for all
those extra buys to get what you’re convinced
you should have received first place

My particular dilemma comes hot-wired from a
fast-paced notebook PC which eschewed itself
trying too hard to please me, died painfully – a
motherboard failure; looking back I can say it’s
not the first to expire as such, as # 3 there’s thus
an urgent need to revise TLC practises, or –

Need I say it, think outside the usual square. My
old mate’s used a Mac for years; I’d jokingly say
it ran on steam, playfully of course, but it’s hardly
the case with lots of ‘em out in the wilderness &
doing their thing successfully these days, so I’m
giving myself a much wider view

Reckon I’ll choose a Macbook Pro; dunno if it’s
th’ right one for me but it won’t be prone to an
early death. T
hat tip I’ve already learned. And 
a bonus would be changing MS to Apple-Mac
un-wracked by queasily confused or deluded
notions of me deceitfully jumping ship
© 6 September 2013, I. D. Carswell

My Dell Precision M6500 has passed away, RIP