27 September 2013


Well hey, great way to begin what seems an ordinary and 
unspectacular Saturday; still a few things to do - this time 
tomorrow we’ll patiently clock-wait, 3 hours away to lunch 
with the gang. It will be an event, last of a kind for a while, 
not something to miss lightly. Things cooled in the murky 
wake of yesterday’s insane explosions of angst although 
sleep was redolent with rumour and intrigue, so yawning 
today isn’t seen as ominous or unduly frank

A brutal 3:30 am rise tomorrow; before we lose view we’ll 
need to bag 2 bins of small avocados, fill the ute with all 
the ripe cool-room fruit and gather strength for evening’s 
Rugby Championship games; that special lunch is hours 
away - two cute little ladies, Georgia & Clementine await 
without compromising their munificent smiles 
© 14 September 2013, I. D. Carswell