28 September 2013


Taken a while to reach the peak where 
valleys sing safely beyond sharp sided 
embrasures; they cascade out into new 
wards of sanity. Although clearly seen 
understanding is arcane, like a far art 
glimmering across ill-defined horizons 
as science’s slow creep, I proceed - a 
safe mind balanced on steady feet 

I make headway, grind ages into dust - 
there’s no graced path but one where 
change must precede each step; okay 
no going back either and if left means 
irretrievable so be it, the folders here 
are new breed modified biologies 

Isn’t to say there’s less angst lent an 
air of incorrigible curiosity - where is 
this taking us - or is it just me? Who 
cares, echoes reply, you there yet? 
Suppose I must be, I think therefore 
I understand... 
© 17 September 2013, I. D. Carswell 

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