13 September 2013

Wears The Crown

Well what DO you say, you’ve suffered severe 
ear & eye gouging by an impossible intercept 
for a human spawned supposedly this side of 
the black stump, and you’re still agog. No use 
complaining it’s specifically someone’s fault & 
you’ll pose new legislation scoped to prevent 
future occurrences. And censure won’t change 
parental culpability, they lived with this seed 

Of their loin’s feral consequence for years, we 
share that at least; but there’s no stopping the 
beast as it ploughs its insolent agendas. Don’t 
dare expose your views opposing as aimed at 
democracy, commonsense and decency, he’ll 
lose his head completely - if not already 

So who’s blamed for this political aberration of 
indecency wearing robes of office he claims as 
his by right of conquest, indeed, us all I guess 
because we blessed him as an equal; but he’s 
disagreed with that platitudinous mythology for 
obvious reasons - HE wears the crown 

© 11 September 2013, I. D. Carswell