20 October 2013


Being awakened at godknowswhen by a maniac 
dog’s paranoid imagination fails all prospects of 
a lie-in; and ulterior motives aside - sure there’s 
invariably indices astir for intriguingly cuddly lie-
ins but we’re not going down that track - so why 
the good lady concludes dog’s ‘needs’ prioritize 
as such to require she arise by Kookaburra call 
in the event rates higher than conspiracy’s lack  

So be it, you agree - seek clothing items strewn 
discretely where you’ll find them easily; a plot as 
thick as this deserves to be recognised in verse 
so we toddle off to the iMac in the Study and lo, 
the words flow. Not words you’d dream deep in 
repose - or arms of love’s embrace assuredly 

Dawn breaks - themed in rich peach bracing a 
cooler air as civilisation roars discretely along 
Commissioner’s Flat road. So all’s peaceful at 
least until the canine clique concludes they’ve 
a crucial victory; be a chance to discuss this 
obliquely man-to-dog later I propose 
© 4 October 2013, I. D. Carswell