21 October 2013

Mouse-Like Comedy

Agreeing it was likely a dead mouse meant 
making a commitment to erasing the awful 
scent, and not an easy task when there’s no 
evidence but smell. Nose disagrees science 
based on clear, incontrovertible proof’s least 
likely place you’d look; it wasn’t where you’d 
think this pong seemed to be strongest - oh, 
the TV chair, no, certainly not THERE. In the 

event niches and crevices were lent vacuum 
cleaner’s invasive éclat yet the beast’s corpse 
remained anon; t’was actually when the TV 
chair, a fifty year old lazy boy recliner, came 
under scrutiny things became clear - wedged 
neatly in rear of the seat - where y’d expect 

joke, must’ve been bored to death by the 
programs you watch - a risqué comment - 
we’ll need this spray to clear the air. Cooly 
she demurs with grace, whatever you say - 
take care, your irony’s bent too subtly after 
an event of mouse-like comedy ... 
© 7 October 2013, I. D. Carswell