09 October 2013

Boop Dog

This ‘effin’ boop-dog thinks he’s top goose, 
been fraggin’ me with no excuse ‘ceptin’ its 
near enough tucker-time - that’s ‘is license 
to act cosy and familiar when he’d keep ‘is 
distance in case it’s bath day, and - judging
by the stink of him, t’isn’t far away, so I play 
palsy-walsy ‘n rub ‘is ears boosting th’ ego 
before bundling ‘im into th’ tub 

Aha, he snorts, that’s the rub of it isn’t it - a 
cheap sleight of hand and I’m th’ one cast t’ 
suds; tho’ he pays patience wisely - stands 
resigned to kindly massage with only weak 
attempts at escape. Mate, he agrees, ‘tis a 
certain irony there, but for me

You’d be at a loss how to use that surplus 
energy required by bathing me 
© 27 September 2013, I. D. Carswell