10 October 2013

AFL Grand Final 2013

If I’m supposed to be parochial then I’m a 
Hawthorn fan boosting for the home team 
but I’m not and wouldn’t be seen in yellow 
and black stripes dead. Therefore I’m with 
the rest of the fans from five States & two 
Territories givin’ th’ Hawks jolly fingerin’ ‘n 
adopting th’ Dockers - yew bewdy, go f’ it 
Freeo - slay these Vic bastards sweet 

Now while it’d be neat for a win y’d have 
t’ pick th’ home team - it is Victoria we’re 
playing th’ game in; for us ‘outta towners’ 
to get up a treat we’d‘ve t’ do something 
close to cheatin’ - like playin’ within rules 
even the Vics don’t understan’... 
© 28 September 2013, I. D. Carswell