24 October 2013

Inelegant Cliche

You have been ‘singled-out’ of the ‘crowd’ then blacked by 
anonymous antipathy-expressed concupiscent’s disguise 
of envy; there’s no come-back, a done deal with no repair - 
and desperately no empathetic remedy 

To re-coin an inelegant cliche, on the one hand light relief - 
while t’other - face slapped publicly; excusing the infantile 
penchant back of it tests relevance of patience ever being 
reasoned, and thus even a meaningful measurement 

It’s a long way beyond things you’ve learned to cop sweet 
so where did we go wrong you might muse - whose egos 
in sum where bruised if that’s all it is, & why the concern? 
Concealing identity deals a disingenuous hand 

But it is the case - so one has to stand where the price is 
supposedly right and infamy ascribed places this desired 
commodity where, if one wants to play, one subscribes to 
idiosyncratic views of the ‘normality’ displayed 
© 9 October 2013, I. D. Carswell